Linking to a Filtered Tableau Dashboard

During a presentation I recently gave to department chairs, a question was asked about the ability to link to a dashboard with filters already “set”. More specifically, the chair wanted to be able to link to a viz with our Enrollment data already filtered to show only his department. In my mind, I was thinking this should be possible but I wasn’t sure how to do it. But, know I do and soon you will too.

The trick to doing this is to know the URL of the viz that you are wanting to link to. For my example, I will use our enrollment explorer which is located on Tableau Public at:

If you didn’t already know, the last part of that URL (SelectStudents) actually references the tab which should be displayed. This gives you the ability to link to different tabs within the same workbook. For example, this link takes you directly to the “Who are they?” tab:

So, what about the filtering? Well, if you add a query string to the end of the URL, Tableau will parse it when loading the viz. The general structure of this query string should be:

Filter=Value   or    Filter=Value1,Value2,Value3

So, to link directly to the Who are They? tab and have it filtered to where Department is Psychology, the URL would be:

Once I looked into it, this was actually easier than I thought it would be. You can also do this with the URL action for dashboards and pass user selected values of a filter in which case the query string would look something like:


This KB article from Tableau is worth checking out since it goes more in depth than I have here.