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I originally set up this blog as a personal site, but after several years of never posting I decided to make it more “professionally” oriented. As a result, the blog now focuses on issues related to Institutional Research and the use of Tableau. Even though the topics will likely be more on the professional side, I intend to keep the tone more informal.

For those posts where I do embed a Tableau visualization, I will do so after a “break”. I’m doing this so that the main page which shows multiple posts doesn’t have to load all of the visualizations every time it’s displayed.

About Me

turner2 100dpi 3 x 3-5After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Texas State University, I attended the University of Texas at Austin where I earned both a MEd and a PhD in Educational Psychology with emphasis on Quantitative and Psychometric Methods. Basically that means I’m a professional at classifying and counting things. While pursuing my PhD my interest in technology led to me working as a data-analyst and usability-design consultant for an Austin based start-up company. Although I enjoyed the experience, I knew that it wasn’t what I wanted to do long-term. So, shortly after that I began my career in higher education at Texas State as a faculty member in the Department of Psychology teaching courses in statistics, research design, and later program evaluation. During this time I developed a strong interest in elements of institutional research while helping plan course schedules and later while working to establish a Master’s program. A few years ago I decided to make a switch and left my faculty roll to pursue institutional research full-time. This change has allowed me to continue developing my skills in technology while applying many of the skills I learned in graduate school and the knowledge I gained as a faculty member. I decided to setup this blog mainly as a way of documenting and sharing tips-and-tricks I’ve learned about Tableau, but I know that there will also be posts related to institutional research in general (often shared from other sources) and maybe even a person post from time to time.

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